OL light of strong sexual desire. House that was moved in the transferred property was different reasons tentacles is settling. This light to be served hand termed daily tentacles that it has got a pet of good. It is getting a woman to seek pleasure as monsters anymore.
Reiko Sawamura investigators infiltrated the organization in order to find investigators who had been following the woman continuous disappearances taking place in various places in Tokyo was missing ... a girlfriend! However, even if the rejection was waiting in the words herd ...! "U ~Ee ... Ignacio ~Uu please ... ugh want to stop" life mystery of "tentacles" would be the reaction of the woman body ... mouth Manco Penetration is the Anal All screaming repeat! !
To infiltrate the hideout of the secret organization, a woman investigator "Azusa Nagasawa". However, it was waiting there flock of tentacles! Semen to be fired again and again! Further radical intrusion of tentacles! Double Penetration of the pussy and the anus of the investigator! ! Successive peak is injected into the vagina Dokudoku back! Serious breath Nagasawa Azusa investigator no choice but to agony to pleasure had fallen a prisoner of tentacles ultimate ... If you put out!

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